Where It All Begins...

The establishment of Fintopia began over a cup of coffee between two bright-eyed Facebook and Microsoft engineers who also happened to be college buddies. Imbued by the spirit of changing the world with technology, the two quickly realized their skillsets were primed to build the next generation credit analysis system, one that would be driven by A.I. and transform the way people access credit and make investments.

The idea was quickly translated into action, and Fintopia began operation in Beijing, PRC in September 2015.since then, Fintopia has flourished to become a leading Fintech company.

Our Culture

Flat Structure

There is no “back office” at Fintopia. We work collaboratively to better our product, our company, and our employees. We encourage all Fintopians to speak up and share!

Eat up & Drink up

We feed our Fintopians well! We provide catered lunch and dinner of varying cuisines from a variety of vendors. How can one deliver top notch work on an empty stomach?

Be a Champion

At Fintopia we always strive to be the best at what we do. The moon is never too far to reach, as long as we are willing to dream big and be ready to roll up our sleeves to do it, together.

We are Family

While we periodically organize events to promote cross team communications, we find out the best parties are the ones that the Fintopians organize behinds the scenes. Come join our family to see the fun that you might be missing out.

We are Globetrotters

Fintopia is an international company as we expand overseas. We expect all Fintopians to think of themselves as global citizens and are not afraid to test themselves, whether it is coming up with a new product for a new market or interacting with clients of all colors and background. Carry the badge of Fintopian honor proudly across the globe!

Interested in Becoming a Fintopian?

We want to learn more about you so please do contact us via info@fintopia.tech to learn more about our job openings.