About Fintopia

Founded in 2015, Fintopia Group is a FinTech company based on big data and artificial intelligence. Fintopia's mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial services through technology and provide superior credit experiences to users around the world. At Fintopia, we believe that: "Technology transforms financial institutions, intelligence improves everyone’s credit life."

Fintopia focuses on consumer finance and serves users all over the world, mainly in China, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Group has some well-known brands such as 洋钱罐借款 and Easycash. We always put users first and help to grow inclusive finance in developing countries.

With our strong technical strength, Fintopia enables traditional financial institutions to do better with financial inclusion with various artificial intelligence and big data services, such as multidimensional user portraits, intelligent risk control, robotics debt collection and customer service. These services helps financial institutions to improve the efficiency of their business, reduce credit risks and improve the quality of their services.

58 million

cumulative global registered users


cumulative financial institution partners

¥ 102 billion

cumulative transaction volume

Group Business
Intelligent Consumer Finance Business

Through digital intelligent solutions, we will comprehensively improve the management and servicing of online consumer loans and reduce business risks.

International Business with Global Focus

In addition to tapping into the China market, the Group also serves users in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions covering nearly half of the world's population.

Institutional Business with Science and Technology

Providing technical support to traditional institutions, providing diversified artificial intelligence services to cooperative institutions, and helping institutions improve business efficiency, reduce business risks and enhance service quality.

Smart Drive
Global Presence
Technology Empowerment
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