Smart Deposit | Money Can

By offering customers with relevant financial needs through our online platform, we help traditional banking institutions establish a one-stop smart deposit service and increase their scales rapidly.

Technology Empowerment on Traditional Enterprises | Integrated Solution

Intelligent Risk Management
Risk assessment and fraud detection based on AI

Big data scoring and decision making
Smart Dialing
Screen invalid numbers and higher efficiency

Reduce dialing cost and better customer experience
Intelligent Debt Collection
Automatically indentify customers' intentions

Reduce cost and resolve industry problems
Intelligent Audio Auditing
Automatically audio analysis and higher efficiency

Intelligent audio auditing and effective cost reduction

Our Advantages


Manage Your Finance Around the Clock

Sunshine or rain, you can invest or borrow via our Apps anytime, any day, anywhere.


Easy, Breezy & Hassle-Free!

5 mins of registration of basic information opens your gateway to Fintopia.


Full Disclosure, No Hidden Fees

We make all the information on the fees and other transaction details easily accessible and transparent on our Apps.


All-Star Tech Team

All systems in Fintopia are inspired and built by our engineers who came from esteemed tech firms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Qunar etc.


Safe & Sound

Our multi-dimensional monitoring system and anti-fraud alerts ensure your information and transaction are safe across all applications.


Superior Credit Analysis Capability

Self-evolving machine learning model takes in over 6,000 features and 10+ types of scenario analysis to create the ultimate Fintopian experience for our customers.


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